Download the map (PDF 2MB) to see all the on-ground achievements of the Wolli Creek Preservation Society as at May 2007. (See also achievements up to 2010.) Numbers refer to locations on the map. Items in italics are ones in which the Wolli Creek Preservation Society has/had a major practical role:

1. Stencilling of streets, parking areas and drains in Wolli catchment on Canterbury side, started May 2007 – WCPS volunteers with CCC support.

2. Area planted 2004 under contract to Transgrid, on Dept of Planning land alongside Johnston St pathway. Ongoing maintenance of area, plus replacement plants caused by wide intrusion through planting into bushland by RTA machinery in 2007 – NT, contracted to Transgrid.

3. Clean-up Day in Creek at Bexley Road March 2005. Bush regeneration work on RTA land under a 3-year grant (2006-8) to WCPS from NSW Environment Trust. Five sites worked along the Western Track – WCPS Wednesday volunteers, CVA teams, a professional team from Bushab, with CCC support.

4. Planting along Johnston St under the above grant, first planting 2006, further ones planned for 2007 and 2008, introducing a higher level barrier and extra biodiversity into the area and providing a seed orchard for future collections – community participation in Planet Arkʼs National Tree Day, with extra plantings and maintenance by WCPS Wednesday volunteers and Bushab professional team. CCC-supported.

5. Illoura Track – new high-level track cut during 2005 – WCPS volunteers and CVA teams, with CCC support.

6. Sewer line laid in 1935, and causing overflow problems. Relining has commenced April 2007 following WCPS requests – Sydney Water.

7. Proposal to remove, in late 2007 or 2008, a large amount of old dumped material in former quarry, a major crane operation – WCPS volunteers, with CCC support and other partners.

8. Work begun May 2007 to control and channel stormwater and trap rubbish from outlet to Paperbark Creek below Richard Avenue – contractors to Canterbury City Council under funds from the Commonwealth Community Water Grants.

9. Paperbark Creek bush regeneration on NE bank of creek. including reconstruction of native plant community – WCPS Saturday volunteers with CCC support.

10. Two ʻno-mowʼ areas established, with CCC cooperation, in grassed areas along Bray Avenue where remnant native plants are evident – ongoing maintenance by WCPS Saturday volunteers and Bushab professional team.

11. Rechannelling and armouring of watercourse below Bray Avenue stormwater outlet leading to wetland to begin in July 2007 – contractors funded by NSW Government grant under CRFIP to WCPS and CCC. Restoration and maintenance will be by WCPS with CCC support

12. Bray Ave wetland. Bush restoration work since 2003 in wetland, formed by creek diversion in 1952, and its surrounds. Funded by grants, initially from a local community organization, and (2005-8) from the CRFIP – WCPS Sunday volunteers and Bushab professional team and extensive CCC support. Seed orchard and barrier planting on Planet Arkʼs National Tree Day 2005 – community participation, with extra plantings, and maintenance by WCPS Sunday volunteers and Bushab team with CCC support.

Removal of noxious aquatic weed under separate contract with funding from the Sydney Central Weeds Committee via CCC Bushab as contractors to CCC.

13. Reconstruction of native vegetation on the NW slope of Hartill-Law Avenue begun 2006 – WCPS volunteers and CVA teams with CCC support.

14. New path and boardwalk underpass of Hartill-Law Avenue to be made in 2008 with funds from CRFIP grant above – CCC, WCPS volunteers and CVA teams.

15. Artificial wetland constructed 2001 – NPWS.

16. New BBQ and picnic facilities constructed 2001 – NPWS.

17. Girrahween Park, ongoing bush regeneration work – NT since the 1980s, funded by CCC and NPWS staff since 2001, plus earlier WCPS volunteers.

18. Girrahween East, bush regeneration under 2007 Dept of Lands grant to WCPS – contractors and NPWS staff.

19. Treatment of noxious aquatic weeds (Alligator Weed & Ludwigia peruviana), under Sydney Weeds Committee funding 2005-7 – contractors.

20. Nannygoat Hill, bush regeneration since 1980s, funded by CCC – NT as contractors.

21. A fishway, to enable weir barrier to be passed by Bream, Mullet, Bass, to be constructed in 2007 under joint funding by CMA, CCC and RCC.

22. Turrella 1, revegetation of Turrella Reserve from Weir to side creek under CMA funding 2007-8 – contractors and WCPS volunteers with CCC support.

23. Turrella 2, weed control and vegetation reconstruction by NPWS and contractors under CMA funding 2007/8.

24. Weed and rubbish removal along Jackson Track since 2005 – Westpac, WCPS and CVA volunteers with CCC support.

25. Bush regeneration work and rubbish removal along Undercliffe Track West funded through Landcare by its corporate partners; organized and managed by WCPS, begun late 2006 – Westpac, Price Waterhouse Coopers, under NT supervision, with some WCPS volunteers.

26. Rubbish removal, weed control, bush regeneration begun 2007 on Wolli Bluff – NPWS staff and contractors.

27. Clean-up Day 2006. Proposals for the weed removal and expansion of native vegetation areas along the creekside of Waterworth Park put to CCC by WCPS in 2006. Funding sought from CMA deferred. Awaiting CCC decision on future of Waterworth Park.

28. Southern Bank of Wolli Creek – Discussion paper for riparian zone management developed by volunteer with WCPS input and CMA support. There are action implications for the southern bank, to be negotiated with RCC and RailCorp.


Bushab – Bush Habitat Co-operative
CCC – Canterbury City Council
CVA – Conservation Volunteers Australia
CMA – Sydney Metropolitan Catchment Management Authority
NPWS – National Parks and Wildlife Service, Dept of Environment and Climate Change
NT – National Trust NSW
RCC – Rockdale City Council
WCPS – Wolli Creek Preservation Society

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