Wolli Creek Valley

The Wolli Creek Valley’s 50 hectares of bush support a great diversity of plants and animals and provide exceptional recreation opportunities for local residents and visitors. This unique area has somehow survived to become an essential part of the region’s heritage.

Inner south-west Sydney’s precious greenspace

Discover more about the location and history of the Wolli Creek Valley.

Take a virtual walk through Wolli Creek bushland.

Watch an inspiring slideshow of some of the fauna and fungi found in the Wolli Creek Valley Wolli Creek Regional Park Slide Show 4KYouTube · David Noble

Check out some other inspiring photographs of the local area.

Find out about the status of the promised regional park.

Wolli Creek retains most of its natural banks. Find out more about the riparian zone.

Members of the Wolli Creek Preservation Society work to protect and conserve the Wolli Creek Valley. See some of our achievements.

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