Wolli Talks 2013 – Thursday 1 August at 7.30pm – Frogs of Sydney

Speaker: Marion Anstis

Location: Canterbury and Earlwood Caring Association (CECAL) 15 Clarke Street, Earlwood (entry Lewins St). Email info@wollicreek.org.au or call 0431 914 553 to book your place.

Marion Anstis has had a lifetime career as a high-school music teacher while pursuing her passion for frogs and tadpoles in her spare time. Since retirement, she has written three books on frogs and tadpoles and several scientific papers, culminating in her latest publication ‘Tadpoles and Frogs of Australia’, in which she lays out profiles of every Australian frog and the life histories (eggs and tadpoles) of most of them to help conservationists identify which tadpole/egg belongs to which frog. She has also written a book for children which has been very well received.

Marion helps with raising public awareness about frogs through her association with the Frog and Tadpole Study Group where she goes on field trips and gives talks at meetings and in the community.

Light Refreshments. Gold Coin Donation



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