Wolli Bluff Under Threat, Action Needed!

We urgently need people to contact the Minister for Water, Property and Housing, Melinda Pavey, and others about the location of proposed new Sydney Water infrastructure – an Odour Control Unit (OCU) – near the SWOOS (South West Ocean Outfall Sewer) at Undercliffe. Large tanks and associated infrastructure would be right on the Two Valley Trail (TVT) bush track at its eastern end at the top of Unwin St. It would require extensive cutting into the rock base of Wolli Bluff, marring its natural formation; the destruction of some of the associated bushland that has seen hundreds of hours of work by our Bluff Bushcare volunteers for over a decade; and the re-routing of the TVT.
Please help us to convince the Minister that placing this OCU in this location is not on. WCPS has proposed an alternative location that is better on a number of fronts.
Please go to  http://www.wollicreek.org.au/wolli_valley/other-issues for more info., and for suggestions about how you can help us to increase our voice.

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