Walk the Wolli Valley on Sunday June 19th – a full (4.5 km) Valley walk from 8.30 to around 12.30

This is a leisurely guided walk down the Wolli Valley with historical and environmental commentary, and this time around, there will be a special focus on the various “battles” that the Valley has faced, and continues to face.


The walk will follow the marked TVT route, starting at Bexley North at 8.30 am and finishing at Undercliffe around 12.30 pm, overlooking Waterworth Park.


If you have never done the full valley walk this is an opportunity not to be missed, as these longer walks are only conducted on an infrequent basis.


Numbers are limited, so bookings are essential. This walk will be free, but preference will be given to WCPS members.


To register, please email info@wollicreek.org.au




Ascending Nannygoat Hill



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