Walk the Wolli Valley on Sunday 21st October, 2018

Starting at 8 am, on Sunday 21st October there will be a guided walk along the full length of the Wolli Creek Valley section of the Two Valley Trail (TVT) .


The walk will start at Tempe, and conclude at Bexley North (at around 1.30 pm). In total, the walk will be close to 5 kms.


Along the way you will learn about the history of the Valley, and its natural environment. For those who prefer a shorter walk, you may finish at either Turrella or Bardwell Park Stations.


The walk is free to Wolli Creek Preservation Society members. Membership ($10 pa for an individual & $15 for a family/household) can be obtained ahead of the walk – see  http://www.wollicreek.org.au/about_us/support_us


Numbers are limited, and registration is essential.  To register, email info@wollicreek.org.au

Further details about the walk, and where to meet for the start of the walk will be provided upon registration.


Walkers along a section of the Wolli Valley TVT.

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