Upcoming Kayak trips on Wolli Creek – Saturday Sept. 21 and Sunday Oct. 20, 2013

Join us on one of our popular kayak trips – Wolli from Creek to Crest.


We have coming up on Saturday September 21 and Sunday October 20, two of our very popular kayak trips up Wolli Creek with the River Canoe Club kayaks. Cost $40 per trip (includes a light lunch).


The whole event, which includes an intro to kayaking for beginners, a tour of Turrella Reserve developments and issues, a walk up Nannygoat Hill, plus light food, takes about four to four and a half hours and shows an unusual aspect of Wolli. Starting time should be around 9 am on both occasions.


For enquiries, and to register, contact info@wollicreek.org.au Book early to avoid disappointment.



For a preview of the kayak trip go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JzO_YH8Xywc&feature=plcp

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