Save Wolli Creek bushland – protest rally Sat 14 March


The western gateway to the Wolli Creek bushland could be destroyed by WestConnex. So join us this Saturday 14 March at 3:30pm (sharp) and add your voice to the protest. It’s only for half an hour but it could have a big impact. Bring your family and fiends. Make a poster. Be colourful. Be there. See the attached flyer for more details and please email if you are coming.
Banners hanging in bushland "Save Wolli Bushland Stop WestConnex"
More and more people are becoming aware that WestConnex is a terrible idea. As Gavin Gatenby of EcoTransit Sydney says, it is crazy policy to spend $15 billion on a massive tollway system for a handful of peak-period motorists. “Commuters are turning to public transport in unprecedented numbers and our rail system is bursting at the seams in the peaks. For a fraction of the cost of WestConnex we could build a public transport and freight rail system that would cause a dramatic fall in road traffic.”
As well, WestConnex threatens to destroy two hectares of high quality bushland at the western end of the Wolli Creek valley – bushland that should have been included within the Wolli Creek Regional Park except the RTA/RMS withheld it for its own purposes. We need to make it clear that the community opposes this development. See you on Saturday 14 March at 3:30pm.


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