Fauna sightings

We’ve developed a new form to record fauna sightings in the Valley and will be integrating all older records, too. It should be much easier now for you to access information about what has been seen and where.

If you see any wildlife regularly in the same area, or see interesting or unusual wildlife when you are out or unexpected behaviour, please let us know, so that we can record it. This record will be really useful and become a great resource as the bushland continues to recover.

Use the form, and the example given as a guide, to make a note of exactly when and where you see the animal. If you have a phone or camera handy, please take a picture and include that in an email to: info@wollicreek.org.au.

Don’t worry if you can’t supply all this information as any details will be useful. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Download the Fauna Sighting Form

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