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Sydney Water is now claiming that they have a new option that ‘alleviates all the concerns that have been raised’. But they have failed to disclose what and where their new option is and what and whose concerns are being ‘alleviated’.

Nor have they been prepared to discuss what criteria they intend to use in the assessment (they’ve basically ignored the ones that we have proposed) or why the fresh assessment process proposed is different from the one that led to their original poor choice of location.


We were seeing little encouragement to continue with a good faith engagement with the process as currently proposed and told them so (Sept 5). They regretted that, so (Sept 10), we suggested three things they could do to restore some confidence:

  • Engage all accepted stakeholders in discussions now, rather than trying to deal with all issues in a single workshop

  • Provide some answers to our questions about the criteria to be used

  • Give a broad outline of what their new proposal is and how it  ‘alleviates’concerns.



    Sydney Water has suspended communication, failing to respond or even acknowledge the WCPS email of Sept 10.


    The state of play is that:
  • construction of the OCU has been put off until the second half of 2022

  • A new ‘multi-criteria analysis’ (MCA) is to be conducted assessing Sydney

    Water’s new option against our Option W

  • Workshops to set the assessment criteria etc will not be held until ‘late 2021’

  • The WCPS campaign continues.

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