Abnormal mushrooms found near Turrella M5E emission stack

In May 2015 a survey by the Sydney Fungal Studies Group discovered fungi affected by Rosecomb – a diesel-induced developmental abnormality. The fungi was located in bushland near the current M5E Turrella emission stack – see Rosecomb press release


There is scientific evidence that this abnormality can be caused by exposure to diesel fumes – see  Kearney 2009Umar & Griensven 1999Flegg 1983




Abnormal Collybia mushroom, Wolli Valley (R. Wishart)





For more information on the impacts of Westconnex on the Wolli Valley and generally, see the following links

impacts on the Wolli Creek Valley

general objections to WestConnex for NSW and Sydney.

No WestCONnex


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