WestConnex summary

WestCONnex - one big conWhat is WestConnex?

A 33km motorway expanding and connecting the M4 and M5, with a projected cost, so far, of $10-15bn and taking at least a decade to build.

Why build it?

Congestion and resulting economic inefficiency is the key rationale for building the WestConnex project.

Why oppose it?

WCPS opposes the whole idea of spending megabucks on a road duplication and extension that will:

  • attract more vehicles, leading in a few years to congestion again, if petrol costs still allow for more people driving
  • possibly be a white elephant, as overall kilometres traveled in all vehicles has been on a plateau for several years, despite a rising population
  • actually reduce public transport use (patronage on the East Hills line dropped significantly when the M5E opened),
  • suck funds away from constructing the very public transport network needed to reduce the traffic congesting the existing motorways.
  • suck funds away from rural and regional roads and our local roads
  • accelerate the sell off of public assets and cut funds for services (health, education, welfare)
  • destroy 2ha of our precious and regionally significant Wolli bushland

So what is the alternative?

In short, developing an extended and more efficient and attractive public transport system to draw off those drivers who do not need a car for a load or an irregular trip destination. And at the same time addressing perverse incentives that actively encourage car use. See further:

Commmunity sends a message to local politicians – public meeting 25 February 2015

people in the audience at a public meeting

What can I do?

Join the Wolli Creek Preservation Society.

See the suggestions in the two documents linked above.

Links for further reading (includng youtube videos)

For more information visit the No WestCONnex and Ecotransit websites.

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