Walk the Wolli Valley on Saturday 11th August

Join us for a leisurely 4.5 km walk through the bushland and parklands of the Wolli Valley from Bexley North to Undercliffe on Saturday 11th August 2012 –  8.45 am – approx. 1.30 pm

A walk along the Wolli Track of the Two Valley Trail from Bexley North to Wolli Bluff above Waterworth Park, Undercliffe.

The walk has historical and environmental commentary and introduces some of the current issues about the Wolli Valley.

It includes an ascent of Nannygoat Hill, a visit to the Fishway, and historic

Jackson Place (for a cuppa, video and talk) and ends at Wolli Bluff overlooking

Gough Whitlam and Waterworth Parks, near Tempe station.


Free to members (you can join on the day), but advance registration is essential as these walks are popular and numbers are limited. Further information provided following registration.

Register via info@wollicreek.org.au or phone 9554 3176.


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