The Two Valley Trail educational resources were developed with funding provided by the Australian Government through a grant from the Sydney Metropolitan Catchment Management Authority (SMCMA) and with the support of Canterbury, Marrickville and Strathfield Councils. It was the initiative of an alliance of five local environmental organisations: the Cooks River Valley Association, the Friends of Ewen Park, the MudCrabs (Cooks River Eco-Volunteers), the RiverLife Interpretive Tours and the Wolli Creek Preservation Society.

Voren O’Brien and Rebecca Whitehall acted as guides and the schools involved in the pilot were: Ashbury, Bexley North, Earlwood, Ferncourt, Marrickville West, Tempe and Undercliffe Public Schools, and Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary School, Earlwood .

Research and Writing by Judi Rossi with assistance from Voren O’Brien

Editor: Voren O’Brien

CD/website: Margaret Redestowicz

Photographs: Canterbury Council Pictorial Library, Judy Finlason, Voren O’Brien, Judi Rossi and Ricc Rossi

Aerial photomaps: Canterbury and Marrickville Councils.

Thanks also to the following people for their support, encouragement, and experience gleaned from working with young children, as well as their shared passion for the well-being of the two valleys: Joy Berville, Julie Corkery, Jane Grenet, Peter Munro, Nadia Wheatley, and Judy Finlason who co-ordinated the project.

We acknowledge the traditional owners

of the land on which we live and learn.

We pay our respects to them for their care

of this land over countless generations.



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