New M5 EIS – submissions due Friday 29/1/16. Please make a submission

The WCPS  opposes the construction of the New M5/WestConnex.
We encourage everyone who cares about our environment, the health of many people in our population who will be affected by the emissions stacks, the enormous disruption to people’s lives, and the waste of  $18 billion+ of public money to make a submission too.
Below is a short form submission that you can use – you can use it as is, or adapt it to suit your own concerns.
You can either print out and mail the submission, or, go online and copy your words into the government’s website here:
You can make as many submissions as you like. The more the better – a lot of objections will be a real indicator of community discontent.
The deadline for submissions is Friday the 29th January so do please swing into action as soon as you can!
Let’s hope that together we can stop this tollroad. The community united has achieved this in the past.

Submission on New M5 EIS


To read the submission from WCPS see New M5 EIS WCPS submission

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