The Society has organised many interesting and informative talks over the years.

Year/date Topic Who
2002 “Treasures of Wolli” series  
Wed Mar 27 Birds Of Wolli Justin Cahill
Wed July 31 Native Plants in Wolli Paul Ibbetson
Wed Sept 25 Survival of Wolli Justin Cahill
Wed Nov 27 Jackson Place, Wolli Valley Judy Finlason
Tues Nov 23 The Future of Wolli Creek (Public Meeting)
Sun 19 June Cooks/Wolli Catchment and the CMA Bob Junor, Chair CMA
Wed Oct 3 The Struggle for Wolli Valley Gavin Gatenby
Wed Oct 31 The Jackson Place Cottages Judy Finlason
Wed Nov 14 Urban Birds and the Birds of Wolli Valley Voren O’Brien
Wed Dec 5 Biodiversity and your backyard Peter Stevens
Wed May 7 Grey-headed Flying-foxes Marjorie Beck & Nancy Pallin
Tues Sept 23 NSW Nature Conservation Council Don White (NCC)
Tues Nov 18 Sewerage: Wolli’s heritage and future Rod Kerr (SWater)
Tues Mar 3 Progress with the Regional Park Ben Khan (NPWS)
Tues Mar 10 Community role in local planning decisions John Mant
Tues July 14 Fish and Wolli Scott Nichols
Tues Sept 8 Darwin in Sydney Frank Nicholas    
Tues 9 Mar Aboriginal history of our region Heather Goodall
Wed 14 Apr Motorway Madness Michelle Zeibots
Wed Jun 9 Flying-foxes in Sydney Peggy Eby
 And there’s always an interesting speaker at the Annual Dinner



Year Speaker
2019 Dieter Hochuli (Sydney Uni) “The Vital Importance of Insects in Remnant Bushland“.
2018 Stephen Gapps (Maritime Museum) “The Sydney Wars: Conflict in the Early Colony.”
2017 Lizzie Lowe (Macquarie Uni) “Spiders in Backgardens: Why we need them and how we can encourage them.”
2016 Phil Straw (Birdlife Australia) – “Amazing Shorebirds and Waders”
2015 Mehreen Fahruqi (Greens MLC) – “Transport and Transparency”
2014 Richard Major (Australian Museum) – White-fronted Chats in Sydney –
2013 Ken Searle, artist, “Walking into the landscape” – his approach to painting local scenes
2012 Michelle Zeibots (UTS) “How joining WCPS changed my life” on personla history, transport issues and the M5.
2011 Peggy Eby – researcher and consultant:“Going Batty”on our knowledge of Grey-headed Flying-foxes.
2010 Gavin Gatenby/Jack Mundey – extracts from film Rocking the Foundations on Green Bans + history of motorways.
2009 Lesley Muir – local historian – The photographic history of old Sydney
2008 David Kirby: revisiting events surrounding the Kirby Inquiry into the Kyeemagh-Chullora freight corridor.
2007 Linda Burney ALP MLA – her volunteering portfolio, importance of vols.
2006 John Kaye – Climate change issues –
2005 Martyn Robinson (Australian Museum) – on the sex life of invertebrates
2004 Alexandra de Blas (ABC) – on the work of the ABC environment unit.
2003 John Dengate (EPA) – importance of places like Wolli Creek Valley to birds.
2002 Barry O’Keefe (National Trust) – on the effects of bad planning, developers, the RTA, economic rationalism.
2001 James Woodford – Env Journalist/Author On our knowledge of wombats.
2000 Heather Goodall (UTS) – On gathering Aboriginal history and reconciliation.
1999 Mark Curran (Sydney Uni) – On the importance and life cycle of Mangroves
1998 Ian Brown, environmentalist & adventurer. Talk and photos from his 1997 walk to the South Pole.
1997 James Broadbent – historian – On defending built heritage
1996 Jeff Angel (Total Environment Centre)
1995 Ian Cohen MLC
1994 Paul Brown – geologist and lecturer in environmental studies at UNSW – on the importance of community groups in preserving heritage, with special reference to Botany Bay.
1993 Richard Jones (MLC)
1992 Karenne Jurd (The Wilderness Society) On the work of TWS and community groups generally.
1991 Peter Newman (Professor, Murdoch Uni) “The urban environment”.
1990 Ted Mack MP, and maybe Robyn Reed (about to replace him as the independent candidate for North Sydney.
1989 Alan Morris – Ornithological Soc. NSW – launched Neil Rankins Birds of Wolli Valley
1988 David Kirby – Kirby reflected on the Kirby Inquiry into proposed roads.
Wolli Creek and Bardwell Valley Preservation Society’s first meeting October 1983.  







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