Background and aims

Members actively encourage community use of the Valley and conduct environmental walks and education activities for schools and the general community. We organise bush regeneration activities, kayaking trips and monthly bat counting and bird surveys. We also arrange talks for members and the public and give presentations to other community groups.

Background of the Society

The Society was originally formed in 1983 to actively oppose the construction of the M5 East motorway through the Wolli Creek Valley. It was incorporated in 1987. Over the years, the Valley has faced some dire planning proposals, particularly the proposal for an eight-lane highway above ground through the whole Valley. We have fought hard to retain and enhance the Valley you now see. There is still a long way to go in restoring this area, but bringing the Valley under the protection afforded by Regional Park status is a step in the right direction.

Statement of Purpose

The Wolli Creek Preservation Society aims to ensure the preservation of the natural and cultural heritage of the Wolli Creek Valley, its tributaries, associated corridors and their ecological communities, and the ecologically sensitive restoration, expansion and maintenance of these areas.The Wolli Creek Preservation Society acknowledges that Wolli Creek flows through the cultural landscape of the Gadigal people.To achieve its aim the Wolli Creek Preservation Society will seek to:

  • involve the community through the provision of information, education and other activities related to the Valley and environmental issues
  • carry out conservation and restoration programs and related activities
  • develop programs to increase community awareness of the importance of sustainable, whole-of-catchment practices that have a positive impact on bushland, water quality and ecological communities
  • promote and support passive recreation, education and research, both scientific and social, within the Wolli Creek catchment
  • advocate for policy, development and resource allocation decisions that are complementary to the aim of the Wolli Creek Preservation Society
  • liaise with all levels of government and relevant agencies regarding matters relating to the Wolli Creek catchment
  • enhance and expand of natural ecosystems and passiveĀ  open space along the Wolli Creek corridor and its tributaries
  • undertake any other activities which further the aim of the Wolli Creek Preservation Society


See on-ground achievements of the Wolli Creek Preservation Society as at May 2007 and other significant changes to the Valley as at January 2010.

Wolli Creek Update

The Society’s newsletter informs the membership of activities, dates of meetings and issues of interest to society members. It is published three times a year, or more often if required.

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Membership year
1 July to 30 June, but if you join after 1 April and before 30 June, your membership will carry through until the end of the following year.

Committee meetings are held on the fourth Monday of every month at the Community Development Office, 11-13 Hartill-Law Ave, Bardwell Park, 7.30 pm. Members are welcome to attend, but need to advise in advance because of security arrangements.

Up to twelve committee members are elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Society. It comprises the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and eight members. All members are encouraged to be involved in the running and operations of the Society, and are invited to attend meetings. The Society is incorporated under the Associations Incorporations Act.

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