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Upcoming Kayak trip on Wolli Creek – Sunday 21st December, 2014

Join us on one of our popular kayak trips -...

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Stop WestCONnex Community Day of Action Rally Saturday 13th December, 2014

Join members of the WCPS at this important rally on...

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Walk the Valley on Sunday 19th October – the full (4.5 km) Valley walk from Bexley North to Undercliffe

This is a leisurely guided walk down the Wolli Valley...

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Inner south-west Sydney’s precious greenspace

The Wolli Creek Valley contains the only bushland of substantial size left in inner south-west Sydney. It is also the only large, high-quality open space that remains in a heavily developed residential and industrial region.

Why not take a virtual walk through part of the valley?

The valley is unique in offering:

  • 50 hectares of bushland
  • 4.5 km walking track (part of the Two Valley Trail)
  • parkland, heathland & woodland, plus rainforest trees, wetlands and saltmarsh
  • rugged sandstone cliffs
  • creek with mainly natural (unconcreted) banks
  • extensive views
  • diverse wildlife
  • great birdwatching
  • beautiful family picnic areas
  • a great outdoor classroom
  • easy public transport access

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